Destination weddings can be fuin.

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Destination weddings can be a wonderful and luxurious option for any couple with friends and family who are willing to make a vacation out of your nuptials. It can also be a good way to combine your wedding ceremony and honeymoon into one extended event. There are many beautiful options all over the world for destination weddings. Whether it be on the beach in Hawaii, in front of a waterfall in South America, or at the foot of a snowy mountain in Alaska, the options are truly endless. It all depends on the lifestyle and level of adventurousness of the couple and their friends and family that will be joining them on their destination wedding.


Many resorts around the world even have wedding packages available, so that you can take all the planning work out of the wedding and have it all placed before you. All you have to do is write a check and kiss the bride! This can be a great option for a couple who doesn’t want to spend months fretting over their wedding plans and the literal endless amount of options available for weddings these days. While destination weddings do have their own complications, it can make things much simpler overall.

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There won’t be hundreds of guests to please, but rather a more intimate group of friends and family who are willing to travel to witness your celebration of love, and care more about you and your spouse than they do about a huge extravagant wedding. A simple ceremony in a beautiful and exotic location with only your closest of loved ones is definitely a great way to express your love to your new spouse, and an extremely memorable way join your lives together for a lifetime. Destination weddings are a wonderful and joyful experience for everyone involved.

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Top European Wedding Destinations

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Italy Wedding destination

Europe is famous for romance, from the boulevards of Paris to the lush scenery and cities in Italy, so the opportunity for a romantic European wedding involves so much choice which might leave you feeling daunted about picking the perfect wedding destination.


You can go anywhere in Italy and find the perfect romantic spot. However, there is something about the Amalfi Coast that just is just breathtaking, and getting married here will guarantee the perfect photos for your album. The drive along the Amalfi coast is one of the most dramatic stretches of coastline, but also nearby you can visit the island of Capri, the ruins of Pompeii or grab some pizza in Naples. Great locations for weddings are the Grand Hotel Ambasciatori and Hotel Cavalieri.


Paris is the city of love, so it’s understandable why so many would love to get married here, but even if you find the city too busy, just go a little outside to the Loire Valley and get hitched in a beautiful chateau with wonderful food and wine. The Four Seasons Hotel George V is a luxury hotel that is perfect for a Paris wedding, with views of the Eiffel tower, but if you want something fairytale, then check out the Chateau de Marcay in the Loire Valley.


Northern Italy is rich in lush green scenery, abundant in culture and beautiful small towns. The small villages around Lake Como, especially, are very charming and serve as a stunning backdrop for any wedding, but with cities like Milan, Venice and Padua you’re really spoiled for choice here.


But while we’re here, why not throw Southern Italy into the mix too. You’ll find majestic peaks, gentle valleys and stretches of dramatic coastlines. The city of Rome is also one of the most romantic cities in Italy.

However, if you’re looking for fairytale or historic for the perfect romantic wedding, then look no further than the United Kingdom for a wedding destination. London is a great city with something for everyone, but if you expand into the countryside you’ll find beautiful, historic manor houses and estates, as well as stunning gardens and countryside. Heartwell House is set on 90 acres and with its castle design and gardens; this is a great location for a regal wedding. However, if you want something more dramatic then head up to Scotland to Dalhousie Castle, a thirteenth century fortress in the wooded land surrounding the River Esk.

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Destination Weddings Why do it?

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We’re hearing more and more about couples choosing to hop on a plane before they say, “I do,” but why? In the past, when many couples chose to marry away from home that mean eloping, but now it looks like more and more are choosing to tie the knot in exotic and romantic locations, and sometimes with the whole family in tow. So why are destination weddings gaining popularity nowadays?

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Well, firstly, they’re generally stress-free, especially when compared to your traditional stay-at-home wedding. They’re generally simpler and faster to plan since many resorts and cruise lines have fulltime wedding coordinators and planners on site who can help you that everything is smoother and all you have to do is sign. Even if a resort wedding isn’t your cup of tea, there are plenty of specialists who focus on destination weddings, making the whole thing easier and stress free and you won’t even need to plan a reception.

There is usually less family drama with a destination wedding, especially since for practical reasons destination weddings are kept intimate. A destination wedding is neutral ground as well, which makes it the perfect place to have two families join, especially if both families are from different parts of the world or the country.


Also, you’d be surprised to discover that weddings are cost effective. You can combine the honeymoon and the wedding together, but some countries have cheaper costs, so in the end the overall cost works out far cheaper than a traditional wedding back at home.

Destination weddings are unique and fun. You can do away with the formality and traditions of the weddings of your ancestors and do something fun and fresh. They’re also a great excuse for some reunions. Perhaps you have friends and family scattered all over the world – it gives them the perfect opportunity for a reunion and offers more than just a wedding, but a once-in-a-lifetime reunion opportunity.

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They’re also perfect for second marriages, for couples who have done the big white wedding and want something more fun and different, something to mark a fresh start in their new life without the associations from the first time round wedding.

So as you can see there are many advantages in having a destination wedding, so the question is where to go? Many couples choose to go to romantic Europe, the Caribbean, or perhaps Tahiti, but you can get creative and go to Morocco, Kenya, India or even the Far East.

Thinking of a Destination Wedding to the Caribbean,Hawaii?

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Destination wedding in Greece

Combining love and the thrill of travel, a destination wedding is the pinnacle of romance. Many brides dream of a destination wedding. More and more frequently, brides are choosing to get married away from home. Planning a destination wedding may seem overwhelming, but are completely worth all of the work. In a world full of beautiful places, there are many options for a wonderful get-away wedding.

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Often, when thinking of a destination wedding, a beach comes to mind. A beach wedding provides a location for a beautiful and fun summer wedding. Kapalua Bay Beach in Maui, Hawaii is one of the best Hawaiian beaches and would make a breathtaking location for a wedding, especially at sunset. Beaches in the Caribbean are also a popular choice for beach destination weddings. If looking for a private, intimate wedding there are many private beaches to choose from such as White Bay Beach in the British Virgin Islands. The white sands are the perfect setting for the most memorable day of a bride’s life. For those who prefer pink sand, Pink Sands Beach can be found on Harbour Island in the Bahamas. Not only are beaches a perfect destination wedding venue, they are a perfect honeymoon spot.


Historical destination weddings are also unique choices. Historic manors are intimate and heartwarming locations for weddings. Not only does the manor provide a location for the ceremony, but they also provide a place for family and bridal party to stay the night before and for the reception. Historic manors can be found all over the world; some ideas are Lairmont Manor in Bellingham, Virginia, Rosemont Manor of Washington D.C., and Rookery Manor in Edingworth, England. Another wonderful option is getting married in front of castle in the U.K., such as Aldourie Castle in Loch Ness, Scotland. A castle in the highlands, set in front of beautiful wooded hills, this venue will make any bride feel like a real princess. Huntington Castle and Gardens from 1675 is also a romantic and historical destination wedding. There is also enough space to accommodate family the night before in these castles. With a historic destination venue, couples also have the option of creating a realistic vintage wedding.

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Destination weddings are a way for a couple to express themselves. They want to pick something memorable and significant. Disney World is a magical place for a wedding. The bride can ride Cinderella’s Carriage to a location in the park for the wedding and the couple can spend their honeymoon at Disney World, bringing back their childhoods and creating memories to share with their future children.


The Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens in Florida is perfect for those who their destination wedding in the U.S., but also want a taste of Japanese culture in their wedding. It is an absolutely breathtaking location for a ceremony and reception. The destinations mentioned in this article are only a few of the options available in a world of choices for wedding venues. A destination wedding may be just what a bride has been looking for to make her wedding romantic and memorable for her and her groom.

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