Celebrity Wedding Trends

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Celebrity weddings get huge attention, from Hollywood starlets to pop singers and TV presenters. If you’re any kind of celebrity, then chances are your wedding will set off a series of trends for other couples looking to walk down the aisle. So what kinds of trends have been set by celebrity weddings of late?

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Destination Weddings have always been a popular choice for couples looking for romance in far away beaches or exotic locations. Recently, more and more famous couples are eschewing tradition and are hopping on a plane to have the perfect destination wedding. Remember Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes? They held their wedding at a castle in Italy, and Eva Longoria and Tony Parker threw a soiree in Paris for their big day.

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And, the best thing is you don’t need a celebrity bank balance to do this. In fact, some destination weddings could save on the cost of a traditional event back home, so doing the accounts, maybe getting hitched on the beach is an economical option, and one the whole family will remember fondly.

If you want to create that celebrity feel to your wedding, the best way you can achieve that is by setting up your own personal entourage, I mean, celebs always have an expert for something surrounding them. Whether it’s a hairstylist, makeup artist or photographer, make sure you put the best team together. Now you’ll find a number of brides taking leaves out of the celeb books to hire their own team to make sure their day goes the smoothest as possible.

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Sleeveless dresses may have been the classic look for wedding dresses to date; more and more celebrities have been bringing the sleeve look back into fashion. With Katie Holmes and Nicole Kidman rocking the look. Some of the most fashionable looks are cap sleeves, which you can wear so they barely cover the arm of through an off the shoulder neckline. Or, you can go for illusion sleeves, which are made of sheer material and are enhanced with lace embroidery or detailing from beads.

Celebrity Wedding Trends

One trend we’re seeing in celebrity weddings is the rise of the eco-friendly “I do.” More and more celebrities are picking environmentally friendly weddings with organic, earth friendly and all natural products, just look at Alicia Silverstone and Christopher Jarecki’s wedding at Lake Tahoe. They used invitations on printed and recycled paper, and served a dinner from local producers. You’ll find plenty of caterers and event-planning companies that offer environmentally friendly options.


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