Bridal Makeup Tips for Blondes

12th January, 2013 - Posted by Lia - No Comments

Makeup for Blondes

Your wedding day is the perfect time to dress up and look your best. Sometimes it can be daunting to find the right shades to maximize your features and coloring, but have no fear, if you’re a blonde, we’re going to give you a little help.

Once you’ve understood how make up works, it becomes much easier to complete your look and really turn heads as you walk down the aisle. 


When picking your eye shadow, avoid trying to match it to your attire, and if you’re going to be a traditional bride with a white wedding, then you’re hardly going to pick white eye shadow, are you?

Your eye and hair color should be the main focus when choosing the right palette for you, and for blondes with blue eyes picking colors of violet, lavender or brown are ideal. Varying shades of brown are also great for blondes with dark eyes. Avoid black eyeliner if you have blue eyes and blonde hair, the contrast is far too strong and vampy. Opt for brown or grey eyeliner for subtle definition.  Black mascara on the other hand is great to really draw attention to your eyes.


Lipstick really does help to make a definition, and for blondes with sultry dark eyes, red really makes a statement. If you have blue eyes though, then you should use a lighter category of colors. Try using beige and pinks, these will also go well with blue eyes, or if you want to be daring with a darker palette, then mauves, plum and reddish-browns are a safe bet.


Using blush really depends on your skin tone, but chances are you’re on the fair side if you’ve got blonde hair and blue eyes. So like the lipstick shade, lighter colors such as pink, light bronze and peach are a good bet. Also, use blush on key areas of your face, such as your nose, forehead and anywhere where the bones protrude to give you a smooth and even look.


Foundation again, really depends on your skin tone. Pick a good foundation based on the fairness of your skin and the undertones you have. Are you more pink or blue in the hues of your complexion? Getting to know your skin will help you to pick out the right base for you.

The most important thing about make up is to keep it subtle. Emphasize your features, not your make up!