Ideas For a Bollywood Style Wedding

26th February, 2013 - Posted by Lia - No Comments

Bollwood wedding decorations

If you’re looking for a wedding people will never forget, there is one way to make that happen and that is to host a Bollywood style event!

Bollywood Wedding themes

You don’t have to know anything about traditional Indian weddings to make it happen, you can just combine the best of Indian culture with modern day touches.


The wedding need not be in the Taj Mahal, you can simply pick any decent hotel and just make sure you go all out on the décor. Set up your stage with a manda, a covered structure with pillars that is traditionally used for Hindo weddings, gold chiavari chairs and of course, the ever-important red aisle covered with petals. You can arrange the setting so the shapes of the flower petals match the projected light patterns on the ceiling. 


Great colors to go for are blue, gold and wine – mirroring those of the red carpet. Go for red in your Bollywood themed wedding with red table cloths, and this can be complemented with blue napkins and golden chairs.


Table decoration can give you a flavor of the east, with golden ganesh elephants and elaborate flower arrangements that complement the colors of the room – and maybe even rose petals and tea lights. Indian antiques can make an excellent table piece to add to the authenticity.

Bollywood Wedding decorations

For food, you can go for a curry affair. If the idea of serving curries isn’t an elegant idea then you can opt for classy finger food like samosas or onion bajis. Little cupcakes decorated with an Indian motif make beautiful decorations with just a hint of the orient.

The wedding cake can be made with frosting to complement the scheme with blue and red and perhaps even an elephant on the top.


Instead of the traditional white lace, the bride can dress in a traditional red Indian dress or if you’re looking for something more glamorous and less traditional, then perhaps a gorgeous sari is what you’re looking for.


When it comes to weddings, imagination is the key. Whether you’re after a traditional Indian wedding or a Bollywood fantasy, there is so much opportunity for play. You don’t have to be Indian to host a monsoon wedding, and it’s a guarantee it’ll be one that your guest will never, ever forget. So roll out the red carpet, don a bindi and get hitched Bollywood style!