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Planning a wedding is tough even at the best of times, but the new Etsy Weddings may help to make things run a little smoother.

The website offers a selection of curated items, how-tos, trends and not to mention anecdotes from real couples and expert advice. All of the above makes an appealing destination to look for all your wedding needs and to inspire bridal shoppers along each and every stage of their wedding planning. Whether you’re looking for handmade crafts or vintage heirlooms, to traditional wedding planning – Etsy is a great tool for any nuptial plans.

Right now Etsy helps to bring businesses offering their services and products to shopper who like to browse for ideas, making Etsy ideal for brides and grooms who are looking for ideas and inspiration in their wedding plans.

But it’s not only the browsing experience that makes Etsy great for weddings, but they’ve recently introduced a new Wedding Registry – where you can look at a variety of gift ideas from vintage kitchen items, personalized décor and much more.

To get you into the festive spirit, Etsy Weddings will keep clients updated on a variety of nuptial themed posts to help you pick up new ideas and inspirations.

This site can help you find everything you need in the same place – from a selection of wedding dresses, whether you’re on the hunt for a Victorian wedding dress, handmade couture or even something a little alternative you can find it here.

Décor, rings and even things for your party members are abound on the site. Looking for a bridesmaid’s dress? No problem! Etsy even carries wedding gear for your pets too.

Scrolling down the page gives you some tips and stories on planning and hosting weddings. Here you can find accounts with a personalized touch to help you plan your own wedding, or simply get excited while reading others.

With the internet, planning the perfect wedding is getting easier and easier. The new wedding planning facilities on Etsy give you the opportunity to plan and prepare without flicking through millions of bridal magazines and wondering round shop to shop. You can do this from the comfort of your own home and make it fun too.

In conclusion, Etsy is a great resource for the busy, yet tech savvy, bride looking to get ideas and become inspired – not to mention sorting out the practicalities of putting a wedding together.

wedding hairstyle trends for 2013

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Getting the right hairstyle is crucial for your bridal beauty, and what better way to inspire you for ideas than looking at the best bridal hair trends of 2013.

There is no need to go for a coiffure that is elaborate or complex – you don’t need to look like Marie Antoinette on your wedding day, in fact the best hairdos for the upcoming years are simple but fun!

The latest trends from the runway show that there are a variety of styles to choose from, whether you’re after a bridal hairpiece to the more rustic braids. With such versatile fashions, you have the freedom to mix and match!

Braids are everywhere right now, from the runway to the red carpet and it’s only a matter of time before we see them down the isle too. Braids offer the chance to get creative, since there are many ways to sport a pretty braid from the headband look, a fishtail braid, or even a wrap-around braid. They can be loose or tight, and can be worn in so many ways. Braids can come with a regal look or a nice country rustic style. The choice is yours.

More and more brides are eschewing the traditional veil in favor of the floral headpiece or flower crown. This look of accessorizing with flowers can give a vintage, romantic or even bohemian look. This is a look that can work for any season, and it doesn’t matter whether your wedding will be hosted indoors or out in the open. For those with long, soft curls, flowers can give you that romantic and elegant look, whereas those with shorter hair, the right flower piece could make you have an edgy, chic look.

If you’re after a 60s theme, then why not go for the classic bouffant-do? This is all the rage on the catwalks right now, even during the Bridal Fashion Week. This is a great look, whether you choose to pull it off with a headband or with a ponytail. It’s a good look whether you’re going for vintage or not.

Accessories are huge at the moment, from oversized flowers, antique hairpins to even modern headbands. It doesn’t matter that you’re after small or simple, colorful, or even big and bold, there is an accessory piece for each and every bride. The right accessory can spice up any look with an individual flair – making it well and truly you.


For brides who want to have that bohemian, romantic style then you can opt for the designer messy look. When styled the right way it gives you an effortlessly chic look, which when paired with the flawless nude look – this is a perfect whimsical look.


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wedding makeup trends 2013

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Brides fret about everything – wanting each and every detail to be perfect, and make up is no exception. If you’re not sure what look to go for on the big day, then why not take some ideas of the trends that are hot for the upcoming weddings in 2013.

One of the biggest trends in 2013 is the nude look – making it look like you’re not wearing any make up, but at the same time you look flawless. This no makeup-makeup look focuses on making skin look flawless as if it were entirely au natural. The trick is to highlight your best facial features with a bit of light contouring. The palette used consists of warm and natural tones, and it does actually use quite a bit of makeup on the face, but the blend of it makes the skin completely nude. This is a great look for modern brides with great skin and good bone structure.

If you’re not comfortable to go all-naked, then you can take the new classy look of focusing on one feature only. Gone are the days of strong eyes, lips and well-contoured cheeks of the 80s, now the new in is taking your best feature and making the most of it. So if you have beautiful lips then highlight them and minimize the rest. Beautiful eyes? Show them off, but keep the rest of the face toned down with nude or pale pink lips and barely there blush. This is an elegant and understated look, and guaranteed to be popular with brides in 2013. This is great for brides who like makeup but are looking for a contemporary look that will get them noticed.

For those lovely ladies in white who want something a little bolder, then the smoky eye look is hot right now. The great thing about smoky eyes is that the possibilities are endless and there are so many unique looks you can create. No need for the heavy, gothic blacks and grays, 2013 is all about color. For a modern approach for smoky eyes then opt for the more unconventional greens, purples or even blue. You can get smoky eyes with a colorful palette rather than going for the darker shades such as black. This is a wonderful look for brides who are full of confidence and want to make a strong statement.

2013 offers a wide variety of looks from the understated nudes, to the smoky eyed divas, meaning that each bride can find their perfect palette.

makeup tips for the african american bride

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No matter how pale or dark  a bride’s skin is, every bride is a radiant bride. For those with darker skin, however, there are a few important tips you might want to follow to make sure your radiance is stemming from the love and you in your heart rather than a shiny, ill-applied make-up job.

Black skin is special in the fact that it rejects oil-based makeups. That is why it is important to use a water based or dry foundation. Select a shade that is just a tiny bit lighter than your natural complexion. BUT before applying foundation to your already moisturized face, be sure to use a good concealer made specifically for dark or black skin. Under eye circles are just as obvious on black skin as they are on someone that has translucent pale skin. Apply it carefully and blend well.

A cream blush in a red or coral color should be applied next. Don’t draw the color on your cheeks, just add a bit of a rosy glow. Think ‘blusihg bride’ not ‘Raggedy Ann’.

Brows should be neat and clean-not too thin, not too thick. Fill in the spaces to look natural and not drawn on. YIKES!

Browns, coppers, purples or gold will be your best choices in eye color. Blend lighter and darker colors from lash line to brow; the darker colors being on the bottom to the crease, of course.

Okay, here’s something really cool and really special African American women can do with their eyes to make them oh, so extra gorgeous…. White eyeliner. Don’t make it too thick or artificial looking, but when applied correctly, the whites of your eyes look so much brighter, your eyes shine and open up and it’s just classy looking. Practice at home to get this ‘just right’.

Deep reds, berry colors and rusts are excellent choices for your lips. Dab on a little clear gloss and you’re set to go.

Finish off with a scant dusting of loose powder in a shade just right for your skin.


wedding gown trends for 2012-2013

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Bridal fashion trends ebb and flow just like those in the ‘everyday’ aspects of the fashion industry. There are any number of driving forces that determine what is ‘in’ and what is not, but for this season, we’re seeing a royal influence; Kate Middleton’s elegant gown that was more about sophistication and less about princess-y fluff. Another influence we are seeing evidence of is the old adage, ‘everything old is new again’. The vintage influence is being seen not only in wedding gowns, but in other aspects of the wedding, as well.

Wedding gowns for this season are following a fitted silhouette (think mermaid-style) as well as an elegant ball gown look. When you combine the look of a flowing ball gown with the filmy fabrics we’re seeing, it’s easy to imagine a Grecian maiden.

Speaking of fabrics…lace, gossamer, satin, silk and synthetic replicas of the same are what is ‘in’. Yes, these have always been the fabrics of choice, but for the last several seasons the fabric of the gown has taken a back seat to mega-yard usage of tulle. We’re finally putting tulle on the sidelines, though, and replacing it with beautiful embroidery, lace, pearls, crystal beads and sequins.

Necklines are changing, as well. While many gowns we’re seeing are still sporting a strapless bodice/neckline, sleeves and illusion necklines (complete with embroidery and beading).

Tradition runs deep when it comes to color, with white being the hands-down pick for the majority of brides. Ivory is popping up more and more, however. This may be due to the fact that autumn weddings are HUGE and the ivory goes well with the color schemes generally used in autumn weddings.

There are ‘pops’ of color showing up in wedding gowns, though in the way of sashes that coordinate with the bridal party’s gowns and in the embroidered trim of some gowns.

When it comes time for you to decide upon the gown of your dreams, what’s ‘in’ or ‘out’ really shouldn’t matter. What should matter, though, is how well it fits, how well it compliments your body type and the fact that you feel as beautiful in it as you truly are.



bridal makeup tips for hispanics

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If you are Hispanic or Latina, and you want your wedding day makeup to be over-the-top gorgeous, use the following tips to make that happen. Think J Lo and Penelope Cruz.

Your foundation should definitely have yellow undertones to blend into your skin. If you don’t have a color you are comfortable with already, go to a department store beauty counter and ask for a consultation and demonstration. And remember…less is more. The purpose is not to create a mask.

Concealer should be applied sparingly if there is any hint of dark circles under your eyes. On dark and olive skin, these circles can appear almost black or bluish. Not good for pictures, right?

For some reason, many Hispanic women tend to pluck their brows into nothingness. Don’t! Natural brows-not too thin or too thick, but natural is always best. Start letting them grow out now if you have none.

When it comes to eye shadow, you have a lot of choices. Since most Hispanic or Latino women have brown eyes, you will most likely want to go with a base of tan, followed by chocolate brown and for a bit of a dramatic flair, a dusting of gold. Or if you are wanting something bold, brown eyes can never go wrong with deep purple shadow.

Black eyeliner and mascara-Waterproof only.

Depending on your particular taste, bold lips (try a few different shades of plum, pink or even red to see which one is right for you) finished off with a clear gloss to give your lips that irresistible, kissable shine.

Your wedding day isn’t the time to try out a completely new look, so don’t go overboard. If you want to do a little more than you usually do in regards to your makeup for your wedding, then take the time a few weeks prior to the big day to practice so you won’t be fumbling on the big day.

say yes to a wedding dress that looks great on you

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The perfect wedding gown; what every bride-to-be wants. After all, the dress is one of the (if not THE) focal point of the entire wedding. The perfect dress for one bride might be a huge mistake for another.

Your wedding dress is probably the most expensive piece of clothing you will ever buy and even though you’ll wear it for such a short time, it will make more of a statement than anything else you ever wear, so take the time to find the one that’s just right for you.

The selection of wedding gowns you’ll have to choose from is overwhelming. One would think there’s only so many ways to do white and frilly, but it doesn’t take more than a passing glance through the bride magazines to know that’s not true. Silk, organza, satin, polyester, even fine cotton; all can be fashioned into wedding gowns. And all that fabric can be configured into several different styles-princess, mermaid, pick-ups, Grecian, Victorian, royal elegance, simple country…. Oh, and let’s not forget the embellishments-pearls, sequins, crystal or glass beads, lace, tulle, rhinestones, ribbon, gossamer and even feathers.

So…when you are ready to actually shop for your dress, follow these tips for making the event a happy and memorable one. AND for choosing a wedding gown that will add to the already beautiful and radiant you.

  1. Take along a couple of trusted friends or family members; ones that will be honest but not overly critical.
  2. Don’t get hung up on numbers-the size ones, that is. You will look much better in a dress that really fits than you will in a dress that is the size you think you need to be.
  3. Do consider the price of the gown. Set a price limit BEFORE you set out on ‘the hunt’ and stick with it! Yes, you want something you feel like a princess in, but you need to remember you’ll only be wearing the gown for a few hours.
  4. Don’t buy a wedding gown with the intentions/hopes of losing weight in order to fit into it. Just don’t.
  5. Shop around. Take pictures of the dresses and you IN the dresses. That way you’ll have something to go back to.
  6. Don’t buy your gown too far ahead of time; six months maximum.
  7. Be realistic when it comes to what looks fabulous and what doesn’t. Not every figure is made to wear every style of gown. Find a style, neckline and fabric that is flattering in all the right places on YOU! Again…take someone you trust along to help you decide.

As the mother of several daughters-all of whom are now married-I can tell you assuredly that when you take a look at yourself in THE dress, you’ll know it. You’ll just know it.



bridal makeup tips for blue eyes

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Women with blue eyes tend to think the only color of eye shadow they can wear is blue. But that’s not so. There are other colors that will make your eyes sparkle and shine. It’s also important to remember that all blues are not created equal.

The same can be said about blue eyes. Some brides have crystal clear baby blue eyes while other brides have gray-blue eyes or deep, dark, almost navy blue eyes. And that is what determines what eye makeup colors look best on you.

If you have light blue eyes, soft blues, grays, silver and pastel pinks will be your most complementary eye colors. Those with gray-blue eyes will achieve better results with grays, silver, and medium to darker blues. Some greens can also work-you’ll just need to experiment with them to see which shades work for you.

For eyes that are deep, dark blue, you have a bit more of a variety from which to choose. Darker shades of blue and green, grays, charcoal and even dark browns look good on women with dark blue eyes.

No matter what shade of blue your eyes are, though, remember to blend the different shades you use; lightest shades at from crease to brow and darker shades from lash line to crease.

If you want to opt for dramatic eye makeup here are step by step instructions on how to achieve smokey eyes:

1: Apply a turquoise eye shadow on entire lid. Blend out with your fingers. After applying a strong blue (“electric blue”) shade where the turquoise color stops – at the top of the eyelid. Blend this into the turquoise color.

2: Apply with a thin brush, the same strong blue shadow under the lower lashes. You can also use a metallic blue eyeliner. Blend gently. Apply finally a silver metallic eyeshadow or highlighter on the top of the eyelid and just below the brow and in her eyes. If you want to create a more “open” effect you can apply a white or silver eyeliner on the wet edge.

As for the rest of your makeup….

  • Most blue eyed women can use white eyeliner with smashing success.
  • Light blue eyes will need to use brown mascara (and brown liner if you don’t use white).
  • Gray and dark blue eyes will use black mascara (and liner if white isn’t used).
  • Pink or peach shades of cream blush; blended carefully and used sparingly.
  • Concealer and foundation in an oil-free formula and in a shade that matches your skin tone flawlessly.
  • Translucent face powder (loose or pressed) with a shine control to make sure your pictures show you in the best light.

You most likely know what colors work best for you-your wedding day shouldn’t be an exception. As a matter of fact, you may not even add anything to your daily makeup routine-many brides don’t. So go with what you know and you’ll be as radiant as a bride can be.





moroccan weddings

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Every bride should be made to feel like a princess on her wedding day. But when you are married Moroccan style, you can be sure you will be treated like royalty.

Moroccan brides (and grooms) are treated to parties and celebrations for weeks leading up to the wedding. Then on the day of the wedding, parties are held at the home of both the bride and groom’s family with guests at each one. At the appointed time, the groom, his family and their guests caravan to where the bride is-singing, dancing, honking horns…you name it! It’s a processional worth watching.

Once the couple is together, they are carried around on pillows-their every wish and whim provided for. There is lots of food, dancing, music, and celebrating. Following the ceremony, the couple is allowed to leave for a while to consummate their marriage. Then, in the most traditional of ceremonies and celebrations, the couple returns to the reception for a while longer. The act of leaving is also meant to demonstrate their leaving the homes of their parents and beginning their own family.

While in the past, most Moroccan marriages have been arranged, today’s young women are allowed to fall in love and marry who they wish to marry.

Moroccan brides can wear white, but will change into a brightly colored caftan representative of their family’s colors. Their white gowns might also be accented with more traditional Moroccan colors. Other brides, though, will wear a brightly colored silk wedding gown with an abundance of gold embroidery running through it.

The bride’s head will be ornately decorated and her makeup will accentuate your eyes.

Moroccan receptions include chick pea and lentil soup (a favorite), fish, chicken, mint tea and coffee. Dessert consists of rich cakes that are ornately decorated and iced in bright colored icing.

A Moroccan wedding will be filled with rich colored décor, gold, lots of candlelight and rich, age-old traditions. It’s a lovely thing when a young couple embraces their heritage in such a full-bodied way.





wedding makeup for dark complexions and dark eyes

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The Right Makeup for Brides with Dark Complexions and Dark Eyes…….

By the time your wedding day arrives you probably have a pretty good idea of what colors look good on you when it comes to eye shadow and lipstick. But just in case you are one of those girls who don’t bother with much more than mascara and lip gloss on a daily basis but want to step it up a notch for your wedding, here are a few tips on how to be a more polished and glamorous you-not Chuckles that clown in drag.

  1. Foundation is meant to even out the color and tone of your skin-not paint on a new one. If your skin is very dark, you might need to select a shade lighter than your actual skin. Use a light, oil-free product that glides on effortlessly. And remember that less is more. A little goes a long way.
  2. Brows are meant to be left in their natural state-not plucked away and then painted on. Just neaten them up and let them follow their natural line. If you need to, fill in the spaces by smudging with a brow pencil the same color as your brows.
  3. Cream blush is best for all skin types and colors. Cream goes on more evenly, stays in place and doesn’t fade. Darker complexions generally do better with peaches and corals. Apply sparingly and blend well. Remember…Chuckles lives under the big top.
  4. Eye shadow colors most suitable are browns and tans as well as copper and gold tones. A great way to make your eyes appear brighter and larger is to apply a bit of gold shadow on the inside corners of your eyes. If a bit more color is what you have in mind, pinks also work well on people with dark skin. And since this is a special occasion, a light dusting of shimmer on your just under the brow will give you a bit of extra glow. Be careful, though, too much glitter reflects off the flash of the photographer’s camera.
  5. Eyeliner and mascara should be black and WATERPROOF. Liner is applied in a fine line on both upper and lower lash lines and mascara applied to curled lashes; a layer of lengthening and a layer of lash-thickening to top lashes and a single layer of lengthening to the lower lashes.
  6. Glossy, kissable lips in reds, burgundies or coffee colors look best. Be sure to line your lips to avoid ‘bleeding’ and do a double take in the mirror just before you go to meet your groom to make sure your teeth aren’t wearing any of it.
  7. Finish off with a blotting paper. Loose powder is optional, but when applied lightly, sets everything in place.
















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