tips and tricks to keep your cool on your wedding day.

20th May, 2012 - Posted by Lia - No Comments

Preparing and planning for your wedding say has by now I’m sure, set you on a surge of emotions. Excitement, anxiety, happiness, worry, and then some. It’s the happiest time of your life but at the same time, the stress and details and planning can send even the most organized bride in a tizzy.

So before you reach for the bottle of wine or go to fill yet another prescription for Xanax, here are some alternative and more basic ways to release the stress as you get one day closer to your wedding day:

Yoga: Sign up for a class with your friends or maybe just do a couple solo sessions yourself. Yoga is great for staying in shape, remaining flexible, and de-stressing after a long day of meetings and wedding planning. You will leave feeling much more relaxed, centered, and cleansed of anxiety or stress you’ve dealt with that day. Worried about the cost? Check our for the weekly yoga or fitness deals to score major discounts, or checkout for the free class offering all over.

Meditation: Find a quiet room, place at work, a park, or create a meditation room at your pad to just sit and “be”. Studies show that taking ten to fifteen minutes a day to sit without any distractions or technological devices calms the body’s nervous system significantly. So turn off your phone. Shut down the iPad. Turn off  “Four Weddings”, and just breathe in, breathe out and sit in silence.

Acupuncture:  Many people gravitate away from this one because of the fact that ” needles” are involved. However, acupuncture is among one of the top ways to battle stress,  anxiety and hundreds of other ailments and health issues. Acupuncture uses special “needles” that balance on certain pressure points throughout the body. The belief is that the slight pressure put on these pressure points by the acupuncture needles remove the blocked energy from the body, thus allowing the body to let go of any unwanted stress and anxiety.

Some other forms of de-stressing and relaxation?

- Get More Sleep

- Lay off the caffeine…a stressed and anxiety stricken bride-to-be doesn’t need a 5 shot espresso from Starbucks, trust me.

-Ask for help. Your friends and family want to help you plan your special day, delegate some of the tasks on your ” to do list”!

How are you keeping your cool while you plan your wedding day?