alternatives to the traditional white gown…

21st October, 2010 - Posted by Lia - No Comments

The original custom of wearing a white wedding gown was to signify the purity of the bride. If a woman was married before, was widowed or divorced, then she was not supposed to wear a white gown at her next wedding. As with many customs and traditions, things change or are forgotten.

The white wedding gown is still fashionable for weddings, but no longer holds traditional values. Today women are putting tradition behind them, and opting for fashionable replacements for the white wedding gown.

Many couples are looking for a wedding that will stand out among the rest. They are getting married in parks, on the beach, on bridges, on cruises, and many other out of the way places. Some even go as far as parachuting out of a plane or bungee jumping off a bridge. The point being, don’t be afraid to experiment. This is your special day. Make it fun and memorable. Maybe you will want a medieval gown, or a simple silk shift. You might even want to mix a few different traditional things together like an old, lace gown with a pastel veil and red rosettes. You may want something simple or something extravagant. 

Choose bold colors like bright red, green or blue if you really want to stand out. Combinations of different colors and lengths are also becoming very popular. You may decide you want a red wedding gown with white rosettes, or a white wedding gown with red rosettes. You may even think of something in a short skirt or a pants suit in white satin.

Wedding gown styles are now left up your individual tastes, unless you decide to go traditional because of your families or faith. People are getting married in shorts and tee shirts, matching ensembles, short skirted suits, and original hand made gowns. Many couples choose to follow current trends,  others just want their individualism to stand out.

A wedding is a special occasion, one that will be remembered for a life time. You should choose what you want as your wedding apparel, after all, it is your special day and you will want memories that you will enjoy and talk about long afterward.