Cinetix Productions

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We are lucky to have such a talented Photographer and videographer all in one. Please enjoy this latest addition on Montreal Wedding Photographers!Here are some of the most commonly asked questions when selecting the right photo and Videograher from Cinetix Products

How long have you been a videographer?
I have been a videographer and director since 10 years. The business, Cinetix Films Inc. is incorporated since 2007 and I am part of the Union of Directors of Quebec (ARRQ, Association des Réalisateurs et Réalisatrices du Québec), so I have a recognition from my fellow directors in the film, TV and video business.

How did you develop a passion for videography?
My interest for visual arts appeared at around the age of 10, and it developed into a passion for cinema. I have been making short films and video projects since my teens years and my passion for videography and cinema helped me to start my business.

What other genres apart from weddings do you do?
As a director, I do web and TV commercials, corporate videos, training videos, workout DVDs, short films and videoclips. I enjoy any sort of projects either shot on HD video or 35mm digital cinema.


What’s your style of videography?
For weddings I apply the same principle as in creative cinematography : multiple shots at different angles and focal lengths to cover the scene playing in front of the camera. The result is that the edited film is a dynamic montage of each sequences. I shoot the whole wedding as a documentary of the action; I rarely interfere to avoid too much directing and let the action rolls naturally. It does not bug people and they often forget that a videographer is present, thus being able to achieve the best natural scenes on video.



What inspires you as a videographer?
I love getting a good framed shot. I love playing around with composition and making sure the scene looks great. Aside from the artistic level, I like the fact that a video tells a story and that story will be enjoyed for many years to come, especially for a wedding; you are giving one of the best souvenir in a couple’s life.


Do you do destination weddings? If you could have a destination wedding where would it be?
Yes I offer that service. Cuba is the best location.



any advice for brides on choosing a videographer?
It is very important to shop around by the style, the quality of the work and the reputation of the company. Do not shop by price! Videography is a service and not a product. You are buying the talent of the videographer and the job applied in the editing, the quality of the shots and to some level, the quality of the equipment. Your are not shopping around for the same box of apples! Carefully reviewing the portfolio and asking questions about past jobs and experience is a must. Price will then be the next question.


Any words of wisdom for a bride on her wedding day? (Sweet  & Short)
Enjoy your day, because it is all about you and your groom. Do not think of anything else, let that to your bridesmaids!


If you have any questions or wish to contact the Cinetix team you can do so by visiting their profile or contacting them by telephone to setup an appointment.

Tel. 514-824-6477

Finding the right Wedding Ring.

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Wedding ring

If you’re looking for a wedding ring, then read on

Choosing a wedding ring is an intimate time for a couple and as your wedding ring is to last for the rest of your life, you will want to ensure that you have the best. 

Precious metals are used to make wedding rings and the most common ones are platinum, gold, white gold and silver. Your wedding ring is one piece of jewelry that is worn daily and is rarely removed and this is a key factor when choosing one.

One supplier that has a great deal of knowledge when it comes to refining your research on a wedding ring is Whether you choose a plain band or a jeweled one, having your wedding ring designed by experts will be one of the most special times of your life.

Wedding rings are representative of all that two people can say about each other and you should ensure that you both have as much input into your rings as possible. This significant piece of jewelry is the sign of your commitment to each other and there is nothing more special than spending time and investment into such a special time.  The history of wedding rings goes way back and your wedding ring is meant to last a lifetime. It is also one piece of jewelry that is handed down through generations so if you’re planning a family, then forward-planning is necessary. For two people to hand down to children the piece of jewelry that binds them to each other is one of the biggest acts of love.

Wedding rings have been around for thousands of years. The origins of wedding rings came from Europe originally and were worn originally by women. In the 20th century men decided they wanted to wear a wedding ring. This has shoe-horned its way into the world of wedding rings worldwide and usually the natural course of action is for a couple to have matching wedding rings.  In most countries, the wedding ring is worn on the third finger of the left hand, however, some Central European countries wear a wedding ring on the third finger of the right hand. More details can be found in


 Wedding rings

Wedding rings and men have been the subject of many news items and it has been frequently discussed as to why men wear wedding rings and not engagement rings. A wide variety of reasons exist for this and primarily one of the reasons is that engagement rings are known for their jeweled stones and are more female-generated piece of jewelry.

For more information on this,

So, in the search for a wedding ring, make sure you invest some time in this special time to cement your marriage for life. It’s a beautiful time and your wedding ring is to last a lifetime and is the binding of two people who want a life together.

Turks and Caicos Honeymoon

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Turks and Caicos is a group of 40 islands owned by the British. The group sits in the Caribbean and is known for being paradise. Here, you will find beautiful un-touched coral reef basking in sunlight and warmth. Honeymooning couples will find long, quiet beaches, marine wildlife and the gentle waves of the Cerulean Sea licking the edges of the shore. It’s a true paradise to wind down from busy period of the wedding and to relax before you return to your life as a married couple.

This group of islands of which, Turks is the smaller of, are part of the Antilles group. Those couples who enjoy music will not be disappointed with the “ripsaw” music the islands are famous for. Both groups of islands are well-known for their music festivals and you can enjoy the nation’s music while you nourish yourselves with fantastic local cuisine.


Local Turks markets have women who hand-craft woven baskets and hats and offer their expert skills for you to buy. You can also enjoy some local cuisine which is primarily seafood with the signature dish being Conch.

The Turks islands are perfect for those who enjoy sailing and fishing. It’s a great place for a newly-married husband to have a game of cricket, the island’s national sport while a newly-married wife can enjoy a relaxed swim and maybe if she’s lucky, get to see a dolphin. Or she can simply lounge on a white, powdery beach and soak up the sun.

The larger of the two groups of islands, Caicos is a sight to beholden too. Despite both groups of islands being of one united colony, each group have their own individuality which is highly attractive and makes the group highly attractive for honeymooning couples.  Visit the main island of the group, Providenciales or ‘Provo’ as it is colloquially known and enjoy languishing in “Grace Bay” which has been described as the best beach in the world according to Trip Advisor’s Traveller’s Choice Awards. You’ll also enjoy the experience of enjoying a spot of diving in the turquoise-blue paradise and catching some glimpses of the underworld wildlife.

breezy-villa Turks and Caicos

This idyllic set of islands is impossible to see in just all one visit, yet as a honeymoon destination it’s perfect as you build memories and enjoy a host of a unique group of islands that come together as one, yet all have an individuality about them. Enjoy the stunning, dramatic coastlines while dipping in and out of the islands and seeing what they all have to offer.

Both of you will enjoy all these islands have to offer. Each have their own distinct beauty to offer you and you cannot fail to want to learn about the history of the islands while enjoying the relaxing tranquility the Caribbean is famous for.

Turks and Caicos Islands have the perfect honeymoon waiting for you to enjoy and explore. The islands are a haven of paradise and bring you everything you could possibly hope for in a honeymoon.

TURKS & CAICOS airport

Honeymoon in the United Kingdom

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Will and kates wedding in London

The United Kingdom is a wonderful place to honeymoon. The UK has rich green countryside and fascinating history. Of course, the Royal Family is a huge attraction and London is never short of things to do and see. It’s not just London though; there are many other beautiful places to visit.

The Lake District

The Lake District in the North West of England is close to the border city of Carlisle. Carlisle borders Scotland so the Lake District is the perfect place to stay and you have the added bonus of being able to see some of Scotland also.

Lake Windermere is the largest lake in England and is located in the small market town of Windermere. There is a vast range of hotels to stay in or if you prefer a smaller style of accommodation, there is an abundance of bed and breakfasts to choose from. Take a romantic train ride on the Carlisle to Settle in Yorkshire steam train where you can enjoy a lunch on board and see a little of where the famous Yorkshire Puddings are made.


Windermere is easily accessible from Kendal, the home of the famous mint cake and you can easily access Ambleside and take long ambles for the energetic among you. ScarfelL Pike is close to Ambleside. Scarfell Pike is a famous rocky pike that many people spend a day climbing and the views are stunning.

london england wedding

The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds is home to celebrities as it is easily accessible from London and is the weekend haunt of many celebrities who have a second home here. You can also easily access Stratford-upon-Avon which is the home of Shakespeare from the North Cotswolds where charming little towns such as Chipping Campden and Broadway are located. Take a visit up Broadway Tower and on a clear day, you can both view seven counties from the top. It’s a breathtaking view. Chipping Campden has a lovely history. The famous Robert Dover Olympic Games are held every year here in June. Cheltenham Royal Spa is close by and Cirencester another market town and all are easily accessible from the Roman Road, the Fosseway. This road stretches from Leicestershire right through to Cirencester.

The Norfolk Broads

You can honeymoon on water. The Norfolk Broads are a series of engineered canal networks which is a popular area in the UK. Hire a canal barge and enjoy the peaceful flora and fauna of the area.

London weddings


It would be a travesty to miss out London. London is the multi-cultural capital of Europe and here you can enjoy many sites. Take a ride on the London Eye and enjoy a panoramic view of the City of London. Take a picnic in St James’s Park and take a trip down the River Thames. Visit Oxford Street for a range of shops and of course, visit the world famous Harrods’ department store. Chinatown and Soho are fascinating places to visit and you can taste the delights of different cuisines as you go. Covent Garden is a must-see and you may be lucky enough to see some movie premieres on Leicester Square. Take in a show in London’s West End and have a late dinner at one the many theater restaurants around.


Without a doubt, the UK has many beautiful areas to visit and beginning your married life together in the UK’s green and pleasant land will bring you memories to last you a lifetime.

London royal wedding Will and kate

Tuscany-Themed Wedding

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Tuscany wedding venues

Tuscany is a beautiful theme for a wedding and if you have travelled to Tuscany, you can bring a touch of the Tuscan Valley to your wedding even if you’re in your back garden. Tuscany is the home of wines and truffles with stunning sunsets and it’s easily created wherever your wedding venue is to be.

Italy is one of the most romantic countries in the world and Tuscany is simply a beautiful Italian area steeped in a valley with the most amazing areas to base your themed wedding on.


Tuscany is famous for its wine and truffles, so the wedding favors could be based around this area. Your menu can feature truffles and you can have Tuscan-made wine ordered direct from a Tuscan vineyard. Many wine suppliers will be able to source Tuscan wines for you.

Your wedding dress can be a simple yet striking combination of silk and lace and the groom can have a linen suit in keeping in with the Italian’s sense of fashion.


Tuscany wedding photos

Wild mountain flowers can be used for flower arrangements and you can use rustic table centerpieces for your tables. Use deeply colored wine glasses to hold all that rich, Tuscan wine and bring Tuscany to wherever you are.

Locate an Italian live band who will give you a Tuscan musical melody. Give name cards a Tuscan feel and keep the colors of your tables in white with deep, rustic Tuscan-themed place mats which you design yourself. Name your tables after famous Italian people and use Italian ingredients such as mascarpone cheese, tiramisu based desserts and there is no shortage of Tuscan themes available for a wedding cake.

If you’ve travelled to Tuscany prior to your wedding, you may have a favorite coffee shop or wine bar where you can purchase coffee beans or wine from. Italians are very generous with their culture and they love to share it with visitors. Stay in touch with your favorite coffee shop and ask them for ideas for your tables.


Try this website for inspirational ideas:


Remember Tuscany is a rich area so colors are rustic browns, rich deep terracotta, deep reds and lots of lovely food.

Bring a little Tuscan valley to your wedding wherever you are and enjoy your Tuscan-themed wedding. You’ll have fun planning it and bringing out one of the most romantic areas in Europe to your wedding.

Tuscany wedding location

Honeymoon in Spain

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The beauty of honeymooning in Spain is that the country has so many regional variations to enjoy and explore. Spain is a beautiful country sporting historic cities with the stunning Mediterranean coastline for beach lovers. It is a truly wonderful place to honeymoon.

If you’re looking to enjoy a city break, Spain has some wonderfully romantic cities to explore. Barcelona, Madrid and Seville are romantic places to explore and you can throw yourself into Spanish culture as you enjoy these Spanish cities. Barcelona is Spain’s second largest city and offers a wealth of exhibitions and fairs. Barcelona is ranked as the third European city for business and cultural means. It’s a favorite with tourists and honeymooners can enjoy many World Heritage Sites and make the most of camera opportunities to share with loved ones back home.


Art lovers will be inspired by The Golden Triangle of Art in Madrid which encapsulates Spanish and European Art in its finest form. Picasso pieces can be seen here and that of El Greco.  No visit to Madrid is complete with an exploration of Spain’s world famous art galleries.

If you want a more serene honeymoon, then Southern Spain is the place to head for. Spain’s most Southern tip almost touches that of North Africa and you can enjoy the Mediterranean area and drench yourself in orange and lemon groves and listen to crickets make their night sounds. Southern Spain is beautiful and you can explore the Malaga and Marbella coastline in quiet harmony. Rent a car, pack a picnic and cruise along the Mediterranean coastline.

Spain as a country is steeped in history and for the historians; you will not be disappointed if you’ve a towering thirst for learning the rich history of Spain. Spain has not been without its battles over centuries and as recently as 1936 went to war with itself. Franco fought the Republicans and many other nations were involved in the war as support for the opposing sides. Spain became a dictatorship after this and signs of the regime are in place today. Historians will be in their element as like most of Europe, war features in much of its history.

The cuisine in Spain is mixed and diverse and while Paella is the signature dish, fish is also popular and Spain has some delicious wines to indulge and celebrate the start of your new life together.

Barcelona, Spain romantic honeymoon

Spain is full of romance formed from rich chivalrous history. Royal Palaces are there to enjoy and explore. Spain has vibrancy on offer which is colorful and vast and you will not ever forget the memories built from honeymooning here.

Whether you choose a city honeymoon or prefer a more relaxed beach time together, you will not be disappointed with Spain. North or South, or even both will bring you a wealth of pure Spanish culture and indulgence of this amazing country. For those who are attracted by European honeymoons, you will not be disappointed by choosing to start your life as a married couple in Spain. It’s purely stunning


Trashing the Dress Good or Bad

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Trashing the dress is a new photographic trend that has recently become a popular way of photographing a bride in an elegant dress in a scene that trashes the dress. It’s fast becoming a great trend and here is an example of one ‘trashing the dress’

It’s a fantastic way of photographing a couple in their natural state. How can anyone argue that the above is not a great picture?  It simply is and depicts happiness in all its glory.

The trend is becoming more and more elaborate and as your wedding day progresses, most brides will usually change out of their dress into something more comfortable and “trashing the dress” photographs is a wonderful way to bring that period of time where the bride wears her dress and uses it as a way of showing her happiness.

We think it a wonderful way to propagate the couple’s happiness and bring the whole day into a set of pictures that show nothing other than joy at being united as one unit.

Many brides dream about their wedding dress for years. Many dresses are stored for years and some are handed down over the years; yet, so many are packed away in boxes as a simple memento for the day. Some even never see the light of day again.

The thought of trashing a dress can appear as a horrific act, yet it has been around since the late nineties and was first introduced by the actress Meg Cummings, on the TV show Sunset Beach as she ran into the sea when her wedding was interrupted. Sources lay claim to their own ideas of when it all started.

trash the dress 2

The trashing of the dress is to an extent an exhibition of the bride’s devilish streak and that while she’s spent time planning her dress, in a messy, damaging way, she wants her dress to symbolize her happiness and while it is lovely to dress up and be made up, extreme settings can be such a photographic opportunity. It’s a popular way of portraying the bride’s happiness and in essence, the polar opposite to the traditional somewhat slightly stiff pictures that can so often be described as “posing”

This is a great way of showing bringing out the couple’s hobbies. If they like walking in muddy areas with wellington boots on, then a picture of the bride in a muddy area in her dress with wellington boots will symbolize her life and what she enjoys doing. If she enjoys water sports, then splashing in the sea with her dress on is a symbolic picture and a lot of fun for those who don’t mind getting wet.

For the artistic bride, a picture of her against a splashed wall full of paint which has hit her dress can be so symbolic and her husband could join in that too. (Obviously that is no good if the suit has been hired)

Whatever her hobby is, there is something which can be incorporated into trashing the dress as a symbol of the beginning of her life as a married woman. Water is a popular choice and can be used in rivers and seas. It’s one of the more common ones around.

Now this picture is highly extreme and it’s anyone guess what the bride’s suggesting here:

The choice is endless as are limits. Trashing the dress is not such a bad idea after all.

trash the dress

Wedding Favors and Centerpieces

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Wedding cupcake favors

Whether you are self-planning your big day or you have a wedding planner to manage your day, wedding favors and your table’s centerpieces need some consideration. There is an endless choice of both available and here we look at some unusual ideas to give you some ideas on these tasks which need doing.


Flowers are the most popular centerpieces for wedding tables and choice is now probably at its largest than ever before. You’ll likely want to keep the flowers in keeping with your wedding bouquet. It’s a good idea to keep cases of a clear glass so as not to overpower the table settings and opt for a simply, yet sleek, eye-catching design.

wedding favors 2014

This idea is perfect and keeps the bride and groom as the main feature. It’s your day and people are there to celebrate the coming together of you both. It’s a simple arrangement and is easily put together.

Another idea is to place bowl-shaped vases as centerpieces and fill them with remnants of your life together, such as shells from romantic holidays you have collected or other bits of memories you have built up together.

Here is an idea which we love:

Wedding favors

If you like candles then you can combine candles with flowers. Be careful though if you have children attending your wedding as excited children can be somewhat perilous in terms of waving their arms around. You could place on a children’s table something more child-friendly.

Paper is a vital commodity and this is a fabulous idea for a table centerpiece. It’s also a way Wedding Favors

The choice is endless for wedding favors and no matter how large or small your budget you will be able to do something that is just simple, yet will give your guests something to remember your special day.

This is a very simple design which has is affordable and can be made by a friend. The stand is pre-made and the little butterfly-shaped card holders are easily able to put together.

You can place any little reference in the parcels for your guests to keep as a memento of your special day.

You can also use a number of other gifts for your day. This is a wonderful idea.

Wedding Centerpieces purple

Wedding favors are such a special memento of your special day for your guests to keep. You can choose from a funky theme, such as those with a touch of humor for your guests, you can place a touch of individual flair on your wedding favors and develop your own ideas from the many sites that are available for ideas. You can have a ‘sweet’ theme, a romance theme or stick to something that you and your betrothed have built memories on.

Your wedding favors are a symbol of your day as you join together in union for the rest of your lives and this little gesture is such a lovely gesture by way of thanking your guests for joining you as you start your new life together.

Wedding Centerpieces purple

Honeymoons in Italy

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Italy is one of the most romantic places to take your honeymoon. Life in Italy is a relaxed pace and the Italians are never in a rush for anything. Enjoy Italy and all it has to offer as you bring your new life together to a beautiful start.

The Italian Riveria

This is Italy’s southern stretch of coastline that sits on the Ligurian Sea and stretches all the way along to Monaco which is part of France. You can have lunch on the train as you enjoy scenery of the Southern Italian coastline or you can take a cruise. The opportunities are endless and you can thoroughly enjoy many sights as you soak up the Italian sun. Languish on a boat’s deck and enjoy each other’s company as you truly get away from it all. It’s a joy and a pleasure to behold as you spend precious time together along this beautiful coastline.

honeymoon destinations

Italy Lake Garda


Florence is a romantic city full of interesting architecture, art and cobbled streets where you can enjoy markets and taste delicacies such as wild boar as you stroll through markets brimming with Italian delicacies. Florence is the home of Renaissance art and also plays a role in the fashion world. You can stroll through streets together, visit the many art galleries and take in the awesome site of David, the Michelangelo world famous statue. There is nothing more romantic than seeing the David, it truly will take your breath away. What could be more romantic?


Lake Garda

florence weddings

Lake Garda epitomizes romance and is the largest of the lakes close to the Dolomite region. The area has inspired poets dating back to the Roman era. Lake Garda is a true Mediterranean paradise that is perfect for honeymooning couples. You can combine peaceful palm-based area with the city bustle of life in Verona as you sit with an Italian espresso out and take in the Italian way of life. Enjoy the villa where the famous singer Maria Callas lived.


Italy has a host of places to enjoy a romantic honeymoon. It’s the heart of romance, fashion, and food. You’ll enjoy romantic cities, enchanting scenery and superb cuisine which will have you wanting more. All Italian cities are rich in art and culture and you enjoying the relaxing way of life will enable you to truly enjoy your honeymoon.



The choice is endless, sun, lakes, fabulous streets and art museums are all ideal places for romance to flourish. Take a look at honeymooning in Italy and enjoy the beginning of your new life together here.

What will the hottest wedding cake trends of 2014 be

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 Bride and Groom Wedding Cake Pops

As summer comes to an end, new beginnings come to mind. We might have a huge chunk left of 2013 still to think about, but with 2014 hiding round the corner, we wanted to think about the wedding trends that will be hot next year– particularly the edible kind.

3 round tier Tiffany blue cake with white roses

It looks like 2014 will bring in some bold and beautiful weddings; this is good news, especially if you have a taste for the dramatic. Theatrical will be in, which is thrilling for guests, but one could pose some bakers a tough challenge. Go for a cake with large, bold colored fondant flowers. Fortunately this dramatic trend can mean really over the top wedding cakes, with brilliant colors and fun features.

Cinderella Themed Cake

If you’re looking for a wedding to remember, but find the whole theatrical theme a little OTT, then you can go the lighthearted route and pick out something quirky. Having something with a sense of humor or even little details that capture both yours and your partner’s personality is definitely the way to go in 2014. Go for cute personalized cake toppers to really get your character out there – whether you’re a same sex couple, one with a shared quirky passion or even want something Star Wars themed, there is a cake topper waiting just for you!

Wedding cakes 3 tier

Green is in, and we’re not talking about the color. Organic and eco-friendly weddings are going to be hot in the coming year, so how can you take steps to set up a Mother Earth friendly wedding?

Wedding Themed Cake

You can go for some organic baking, perhaps even a green themed cake, or something simple and delicious like a cheese wedding cake. You could even go crazy on the décor and have chocolate leaves on top.

Wedding cakes 2014 Vanilla

Wedding Themed Cakes

Also fitting into the natural theme, but also with a romantic touch are roses. Nothing says romance like red roses, and while marzipan flowers are an easy touch on the cake, you could even go a bit adventurous and use candied flowers for an alternative touch.

wedding sweets

Roses might seem cliché, but going a creative route like rose flavored fondant or rose jam with a sponge cake could really help give guests a cake to remember.

Wedding cakes 2014

However, trends can come and go, and it looks like 2014 will be about creativity and personal expression. You can continue to experiment with some of 2013’s hottest cakes – like opting for cupcakes instead of the multitier wedding cake.

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