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Bridal Emergency Kit....        Posted: Jan-21-2011

We certainly your hope your wedding day will go off without a hitch, no one will be hurt and there are no disasters waiting. But just in case something small goes awry - or, in your bridal hysteria, you think something is going awry -- it's easy to circumvent a major catastrophe by packing a small emergency bag. Give this to a reliable bridesmaid or your designated wedding day assistant, whether it's a helpful niece or your brother's girlfriend. If you don't have anyone to hand it to, stash it in the bridal suite where it's within easy reach. Don't forget to bring it along to the reception so you can touch up your make-up after pictures!


Essentials for getting ready:


Band-aids (blood on a white wedding dress doesn't work).


Aspirin or other pain medication  and a bottle of water (for washing down that aspirin).


Floss (to make sure your pearly whites stay that way!) Clear nail polish (to keep stockings from running).


Hair pins and elastics as well as safety pins (because there's always a need for these when there's formal wear involved)


Tissues (whether it's your mom or even you, someone is going to start tearing up at some point).


Straws (so the bride can keep hydrated without smudging her lipstick).


Mini sewing kit with hem tape (in case no one is adept at actually sewing anything)


Stain remover (Tide to go).


Breath mints (you may now kiss the smelly-breathed bride?).


Hair spray (for your hair or stocking runs).


Snacks (don't pass out from not eating!)


Matching make-up (for touch ups).


Superglue (heels tend to break at the worst moment)


Black book of phone numbers. You never know when you need to contact a supplier or an usher at the last moment.


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