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The traits of a great wedding planner...        Posted: Jan-20-2011

Wedding planning can be a very lucrative business to be in. Yet it can get competitive at times. This is understandably, since there is already a huge demand for wedding planners and with it the corresponding supply rises. So should you get into the wedding planning business? And can you succeed and profit from it? Now you have to know if you are suitable for this line of work, as assessing your strengths and weakness against the industry can help save a lot of tears and heartache. So as they say, be prepared mentally first!


Alright so what kinds of skills are required for a good wedding planner? Great question. One of the most important skills you should have as a wedding planner is attention to details. Think about it, wedding planning is a very intricate affair and often the bride and groom have exacting requirements on how their wedding should be like.


Your ability to understand their needs and bring it out in the wedding arrangements is paramount. What kind of theme should the wedding night be? The type of music that should be played? Where should the flowers or displays be placed? So if you have an innate talent for attention to details, then you might just be the woman (or man) for the job.


Another extremely important trait one should have to be a great wedding planner is your coordination skills. Now by that i don't mean your physical-motor skills! No. What i mean is your ability to organize and co-ordinate events and people into results.


Results that will give an unforgettable experience and smooth-sailing affair. Are you able to communicate well with different types of people (even difficult ones)? Can you schedule and plan the various parts of the wedding night into a coherent whole without it a hitch? If you are able to then congrats you have the makings of a successful wedding planner!


Sit down and spend an hour or two thinking through these 2 important traits and other factors. Weigh them in with your talents and skills. If you find that you meet most of the requirements needed for a wedding planning business, then go full steam ahead! But if you find that you don't meet the requirements, then it may be time to re-think your goals. There is nothing wrong with that and often you may find something much more suited to your natural talents.


Article By: Noel Swanson

Source: Free Wedding Articles

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