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A few ideas for wedding favors...        Posted: Jan-19-2011

When a couple gets married, they often give wedding favors at the reception. This is to thank all the guests that traveled near or far to spend the couple's special day with them. A couple does not want to spend money on an item that their guests will not appreciate or use so there a few suggestions to choosing the perfect wedding reception favor that should make the selection easier.


The first thing any bride and groom should take into account when looking for wedding favors is the budget they have available. After all, $3.50 per favor may not seem like a large investment, but multiply that by 100 guests, and they are already spending $350 on favors for their guests. Figuring out how much you can afford to spend per guest is important, and may change what you eventually decide on for your event.


Next, a couple should decide on the type of favor they are interested in giving. The general rule is to send the guests off with something that they can either consume or actually use. If they are interested in giving something that a guest can eat, then candies are usually the best option. Some heritages have wedding favor traditions involving candies given to the guest. For example, Italians traditionally hand out five sugared almonds in little baggies to their guest. Each almond represents a "wedding wish" for the newly married couple. Or, if the bride and groom are more apt to present their guests with something they can use, smaller objects such as wine toppers or picture frames are very popular. These are both reusable and easy to use, which is another important factor when choosing a wedding favor.


If a couple wishes, they may also purchase special favors for the children in attendance if their general gift is not child-appropriate. For example, if a couple is handing out wine toppers, they may want to consider giving a colorfully decorated bag of jelly beans to their younger attendants. It is a nice gesture to show the children that their attendance on their special day is still appreciated.


A wedding is a special event not only for a couple, but also their family and their friends. This is why couples choose special favors to share with their guests. These gifts are a wonderful reminder for all the guests that they are special to the couple and shared in their happiness on their wedding day.

Article By: David Farley

Source: Free Wedding Articles


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