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Thank you for your inquiries in advertising with Marketplace Weddings—we’re glad you’re here!

The wedding business is one of the most popular markets in the world. When advertising anything wedding related, such as vendors, products, services and businesses, it is important to get noticed and get results with a highly marketable strategy. At, your wedding related establishment, product, or services will gain the exposure that you need.
We would be honored to have you join the Marketplace Wedding family. By advertising with us, you are guaranteed to have a wide variety of advertising possibilities, marketed to over 250,000 users annually with an even higher user audience anticipated for 2011.

In the upcoming 2011 year, 2.4 Million weddings will take place in the US and Canadians will spend 4 Billion dollars on weddings! This provides an extensive market for not only the US and Canada, but internationally as well. By advertising with, you will get noticed, get results, and gain ultimate exposure.




  • Facebook pages with over 3,000 contacts
  • Integrating social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter into our advertising strategy
  • Professional and informative blogs targeted to the modern day bride and groom
  • Brides can build customizable profiles to interact, communicate with vendors, and relate with fellow brides and engaged couples.
  • **NEW** for 2011: MP Weddings will be launching an iPhone app with GPS integrated technology to locate vendors in specific areas for brides, planners, and customers.


  • Over 250,000 users annually WORLDWIDE with expectations to double in 2011
  • Users and vendors US, Canada, and Internationally Based
  • MP Weddings’ blogs & articles target brides of all nationalities and cultures
  • Over 10,000 internationally registered vendors (and growing!)



  • Choose and create a free profile with many features included that are normally at a cost by our competitors.
  • Various packages and prices with a variety of features, perks, bonuses, at a variety of prices. (See price list for more details)
  • Purchase customizable banners, pages, or appear in the spotlight of our blog for ultimate exposure. 


  • Dedicated development team working on SEO
  • Advertising team constantly promoting, marketing, and reporting positive results.
  • Experienced and professional wedding writing and blogging team.
  • Professional graphic design team to design your advertisements personalized to your needs and company and an excellent customer service team.


What is the story behind Marketplace Weddings?
Marketplace Weddings was founded when a bride and groom to-be began planning their wedding when much to their dismay, they were bombarded with many choices, options, and frazzled with the stressful and tedious to do list of planning their wedding. It was then that this couple decided to create a bridal community where engaged couples can come together to get organized, get ideas, and plan a wedding that they have always hoped and waited for.

Where are you located and how long have you been in business?
Since 2010, Marketplace Weddings has been here to guide brides and engaged couples as they prepare for their special day. We are based in Montreal and have a branch in the UK  and have future plans to expand further,

What is Marketplace Weddings’ targeted demographics?
Our most popular audience are women ages 20-34. While we are based in Montreal, Canada, our audience continues to gain international exposure.

Will Marketplace Weddings give me the audience and advertising opportunity I need?
Absolutely! While Marketplace Weddings is just in its second year of business, the results and success have been exceptionally successful. With approximately 20,000 unique viewers monthly (and growing), and 250,000 users (and expected to grow in 2011) the advertising platform through MP Weddings has endless possibilities.

Are there any free advertising profiles available?
Marketplace Weddings offers a free profile to advertisers with many features and options. A basic profile is available for advertisers and vendors with features such as five different images/graphics, website info, contact section for inquiries, and a rating system to show feedback from past customers and brides.

What is included with a paid-for advertising package?
Package features vary, please refer to our package and price list for more details.

I have additional questions before deciding on a package/plan, who do I contact? For more information on packages and advertising space contact our business development team at (514) 244-2501 or by email:



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